The Bluebill Flight, Royal Order of the Duck was chartered in February, 1944. The Mother Chapter is located at the Dallas Scottish Rite Bodies of Dallas, Texas. The members of this organization are commonly referred to as “The Ducks”. The purpose of the Order is to provide services related to the staging of the degrees, assisting the organized degree teams in the communication and exemplification of degrees, and such other duties as may be desired by proper authority, thereby enhancing the proficiency, cooperation, fellowship and harmony of the Scottish Rite.

To qualify for membership in the Order, one must be a member in good standing in the Scottish Rite, accepted by the Director of the department for duty within his department, have his name registered with the Quill Driver, and serve in his department at three scheduled activities where staging is required. He must then be recommended by his Department Director and be duly elected by the “Duck” membership at a Regular Meeting.